What we are:

GoodFellas Network is a group of independent creative professionals. We are located in Amsterdam but "our friends" are all around the world.

With a widely recognized excellence in their work, all of the Network's members and friends have collaborated with each other in the past.

Experience, craftmanship, quality, love for what they do and social responsibility are the common denominator to the GOODFELLAS NETWORK members.
GOODFELLAS NETWORK are individuals and teams together in a network fashion, without a central point or a hierarchical structure. As such, there’s no boss, no central offices and of course no overhead. We do not have a letterhead or business cards, and the Network issues no bills. Every member has its own responsibility, applies its own fees and bills the client on their own name: you can hire 1, 6 or 12 members, depending on the project.

Let us know if you need some talent not present in the Network, we will be happy to help you.

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